My Trekking Experience in Patagonia - Walking beyond comfort zone

My Trekking Experience in Patagonia – Walking Beyond my Comfort Zone

Last June 2015, was my first landscape field photography experience. Apart from using my camera and the rest of my gears for the first time, it was also my first time to do a Mountain trekking.

It was an ambitious experience for me, as I have never walked a block in my neighbourhood in all my life, and now I found myself walking and trekking the terrain of Patagonia.

It was not only a test of my physical stamina and endurance, but more about of how tough and powerful is my mind tackling the challenge. It was natures walk of several days that lasted from early in the morning to late in the evening, nearly continuously without the luxury of long rest.

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Ask any hiker, he will tell you the trail is a powerful, active force that teaches someone’s important life lessons. If you’ve never experienced what it means to follow a path for the love of the journey and not in a mad rush to get to the end, you’re missing out on one of life’s simple pleasures.

Hiking teaches you to slow down, observe the world around you, to listen to your body and that your mind is going to be your powerful foe or ally. Perseverance Pays.

Life is like a long hiking trail in various ways. Far too often, we give up on our hopes and dreams easily, overcome by dejection or disappointment. On the trail, you learn that as long as you put one foot in front of the other, you’re getting somewhere.

“Keep going” is a simple lesson, and when it’s applied to other aspects of life, it can produce major results. That crazy dream of yours that no one else believes in can come true if you just persevere and keep walking towards it.

As the metaphor says, walking a trail is like a life. The turns could be unpredictable, so you always have to give your best shot.

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For some, climbing mountains can be a life-long dedication. For others, mountains can be symbolic for the day to day challenges encountered in our lives. Either way, these perilous yet majestic landforms continue to hold a position of awe and wonderment in our lives.

There’s that magical experience of being on the mountain, seeing the intense beauty of the rarefied mountainscape, and feeling what it has to teach us. It inspires us that we are just small in comparison to it’s vastness and can help us sort out what’s important in life.”

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In The End, It’s Always Worth It

If Ihad not been challenged to walk beyond my comfort zone,if I hadn’t walked the many difficult miles to get to my destination,I wouldn’t have seen the awe-inspiring view from the top.

As they say. “We are the sum of our life choices, dreams, aspirations, mistakes and the risks we take to get where we want to be”.

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