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Welcome to Travel, Lifestyle, Art & Photography Blog by Dr Zenaidy S Castro

Staff of Life

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will find the photographic art that you will love and cherish for many years to come on my website. Also,  I’m hoping with this blog that you can get inspiration in having great adventures of your own, learn travel tips and adventure and anything about art and photography.

A little about me, I graduated in Dentistry in 1990 with honour and established Vogue Smiles Melbourne in 2000. It’s a leading Cosmetic and general dentistry practice in Melbourne Australia.

As far as I can remember, art on different medium always fascinate me, as a child I loved drawing and painting. Through my visual affinity to arts and aesthetics, lead me easily to choose a work and fulfilment as a cosmetic dentist.  I was able to achieved fulfilment from giving and helping my patient have the confident and beautiful smile that they dreamed of.

The Passion and Gratitude

My love for photography and for the beauty in the world forces me to travel to different places all around the globe. My experience allowed me to understand there’s something bigger than us, that we’re just tiny speckles in the magnitude of the universe. All the beauty hidden behind a simple photograph makes us understand that it couldn’t all be created randomly. There’s a Creator behind every wonder we see, and every single time we appreciate beauty we get another chance to appreciate everything that’s involved in being alive.

It’s incredible, how a simple click, a fraction of a second, can capture the beauty of something be it a nature grandvista landscape or simple ordinary subjects. It´s hard to capture the essence of our world, but it’s easy to truly admire it. We need to stop and reflect;  it has all been created, there’s a whole lot of beauty to be enjoyed and to be thankful for.

Travel Snapshots around the World


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