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BuyLuxury Premium Fine Arts and Photographs for sale by General  and Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne, AustraliaDr Zenaidy Castro

Heart & Soul Whisperer is online art Gallery with a wide range


If you love the uniqueness and vibrancy of colour, shape, and forms that make up Abstract pieces of Art, you are going to love the selection of Abstract Art for sale here at Heart & Soul Whisperer Art Gallery.

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Heart & Soul Whisperer is online art Gallery with a wide rangeof stunningly beautiful and timeless premium museum grade prints. Heart & Soul Whisperer is online art Gallery for premium museum grade prints- Museum Quality Archival Photographic Prints.


Dr Zenaidy Castro is a founder of Vogue Smiles Melbourne, a private Dental practice based in Melbourne CBD, Australia. Prior to working in photography, her artistic journey involved exploration and experimentation with painting a wide variety of subject matter, ranging from organized still life to landscape, to life drawing, to portraits, to abstract. She also worked in a wide range of styles, interests, and themes, as well as in a variety of media, and was influenced by many artistic styles. 
Her creative process seems like a yin and yang, with a strong passion for each end of the colour spectrum—from black and white to art that displays a visual feast of colour. These different parts of her artistic persona balance each other. She feel strongest consistent love of abstract art—in all of its different forms, be it a real painting or digital art or in photography. She love the creative process involved in searching your imagination for inspiration. She love the vibrancy and colour explosion in abstract works, which expresses mood and infuses the art with life of its own, built upon richly coloured paint and a wide range of textural effects, painting strokes, and styles.
She always seek inspiration by how something so small and seemingly insignificant can be transformed into something big and beautiful and full of life with colour, forms, lines, and light. She like that the unfolding of things—with different perspective and imagination—will be given a chance to turn into something beautiful. She love her artistic journey of creating and improvising something, from simple realistic images to abstract renditions, and ending up with something entirely different. Perhaps this is her personal “handwriting” of art—her share of the world’s visual language. READ MORE

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Dr Zenaidy Castro is a leadingPorcelain Veneer Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne CBDSmile Makeover Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne CBD leading Dental Bonding Dentist in Melbourne CBD, Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne CBD Australia. She founded Vogue Smiles Melbournea leading affordable General Dental Clinic and Anti-aging rejuvenatiion, Dental Facelift  Cosmetic Dentistry clinic in Melbourne CBD Australia. She is also a famous, up and coming emerging Australian artistandfine art landscape photographerDr Zenaidy Castro is one of themost significant, influential and respected photographer.She founded Heart & Soul Whisperer Art Gallery.Heart & Soul Whisperer is online art Gallery for premium museum grade prints. For art lovers and art collectors for art investment, see herphotography portfolioDr Zenaidy Castro Photography.

Over the past 23 years, her dental practice- General and Cosmetic Dentistry clinic in Melbourne CBDAustralia was able to established an online reputations and have won as a best dentist in Melbourne by reviews.Now, her strong passion of art and photography leads her to create a website to sell her photographs as a fine art prints and hoping to target the art collectors and art lovers looking for limited edition, museum quality type of artworks or photographs.

BuyLuxury Premium Fine Arts and Photographs for saleby General  and Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne, Australia, Dr Zenaidy Castro