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The journey to self-realization by Dr Zenaidy Castro. Her Story

Chasing Dreams

My life, until recently, has been all about chasing my dreams.  I’ve been focused on the goals and achievements that I set for myself because I want to be successful in all areas!  I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished because I’ve worked hard in my life and career; and who doesn’t want to see the fruit of their labor?  What I also know is that I’m a work in progress – there’s still so much more I want to do and achieve, still so many places to see and visit.

At this point in my life, I have founded a leading Cosmetic Dental practice in Melbourne.  I love my job and I find it very rewarding!The joy of changing a person`s life by creating a beautiful, healthy smile is one of the intangible rewards of being a Cosmetic dentist.  Having a healthy smile can make a world of difference for patients because they don’t have to be self-conscious or uncomfortable.  Because of what I do, my patients can smile, speak, and laugh with greater freedom and confidence.

I am proud of the business I’ve built and the life it allows me to live! It’s my life’s work.

“Ah-ha!” Moment

I have spent lots of years narrowly focused on my dreams and accomplishments.  I genuinely enjoy my job and find it very rewarding!  Now, I’m realizing that my vision needs to broaden!  It’s like being focused on one extraordinary flower in a garden. Have you done this before?  Really looked at an iris: take in the deep purple shades of the petals, the way it contrasts with the yellow at the center, and examine the strength of the stalks? Then, looking up to realize there’s so much more beauty all around – dozens of other varieties of flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes: roses, tulips, daffodils, lilies, and more.  You realize that an iris can take its place in the “big picture” of a well-designed flower bed in a lush garden.

Just like the cliché “Ah-ha!” moment, I woke up one day and realized there’s much more out there.  My career and work gives me a lot of fulfilment – but life has more to offer.  Please note that this doesn’t devalue my work, it simply means there are other things equally worth seeing and experiencing!  The passion and dedication that I give my work can be put into equally rewarding projects, with the same powerful (if intangible) rewards. The joy I get when I give my patients a better smile can be enjoyed in other areas.


What we all want

Though my story and experiences may be different, we all want the same things: love, joy, abundance, freedom, fulfillment, and passionate living. 

We want to experience moments that are full of joy – and recognize the power those moments contain. We want to stand beside the ocean and feel the waves with pure delight and pleasure.  There’s a lot of power in having gratitude for what we have.  It reminds us of the abundance of blessings we have, and the power to enjoy them even more.

We want to experience the freedom of seeing life as the rich and multi-faceted place that it is!  We want to wake up in the morning with a sense that we are living our purpose – of fulfilling an important role in the world – and that all of our gifts and talents have been tapped.  We want to know that we are in a place where we can thrive.  Finally, we want to live with a passion that means we give the best that we have to offer.

The journey to self-realization

We all want to live the best possible life: where all things are in balance and where things flow together in that perfect “sweet spot.”  We want to live authentic lives in which we are fully engaged with what matters to us and what we value most.

What I’ve learned has come from experience, trial, and error.  I believe that the wisdom I’ve gleaned are important because I can share what I’ve learned with others, so they can live richer lives.  I believe that no experience is wasted if you learn everything possible and allow it to make you a better person.

In the same way that I consider my profession career life to be a “work in progress”, Heart & Soul Whisperer is also a “work in progress.”  I know that there are lessons to be learned and hidden blessings ahead!  It’s a privilege to help you get started on your journey, and for you to accompany me on my journey!

I’ve used this first hand experience to create strategies that work!  This process that will show you how to Design Your Life and get MORE of what you truly want.  You just need to figure out what your ideal life would look like and get about cultivating it.  If you learn to listen to your own inner whisper, it will guide you along the journey!


By learning to listen to my heart and souls inner calling, as you may call it, I have passionately fulfilled my soul’s purpose. This helps me live a more authentic, joyful, meaningful and fulfilling life through this discovery of my love for Arts and Photography. And hoping that through this, I can make a dot in the universe.

It is my hope that Heart & Soul Whisperer will also help bring color  and spark creativity in your life. That reflecting on this insight of following your heart, you will open up your own pathway to living a life of bliss.

 “Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.” Wayne Dyer

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.” ~Rumi



See the world from my photographic perspective

Welcome! I’m Dr Zenaidy Castro , a Cosmetic Dentist based in Melbourne  Australia. My unquenchable thirst for travel and passion for photography  leads me to explore the world, from here and hopefully one day, at the end of the remote continent -wherever that is.

If you are looking for travel insights and inspirations, you have come to the right place. My blog post have abundance of visual journals and photos to help you soak with the landscape, culture, people and the place without leaving your home. You will find tips and informations along the way.


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