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My love affair with Leica

For as much as I love the use of vibrant color in my paintings and digital art renditions, I love black and white photographs much more than the coloured ones. Most of my Black and White photography collections are taken by Leica M Monochrom. From Henri Cartier-Bresson to Annie Leibovitz, many of the 20th century’s most defining images were shot on a Leica.

The Leica has been considered the best camera not that just Leica or that any other camera manufacturer has made, but one of the best made products of all time. They are piece of handmade perfection. The experience of clicking the Leica shutter is something you never get from taking a photo with other camera. It’s like a magic.

My love affair with my Leica M monochrom earns me great satisfaction of producing my award winning Black and White photograph.

Certainly, Black and White images can be one of the most elegant and beautiful forms of art. It’s timeless, conveys drama and emotion. Simply by removing the distraction of colour, you can sometimes better focus on a photo’s strengths. Just like how they were produced by a great camera, Black and white photography stands for pure visual enjoyment and lasting value.

For people who loves Black and White photography, hope you find my collection enticing and exciting to own, to keep and to treasure. Have a browse through my collections.

Entire Collection Available Soon!

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