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My Artist Bio: A brief glimpse into my life!

famous Australian landscape, Wildlife photographers and Abstract Artist Dr Zenaidy Castro-Dentist In Melbourne Australia and Award winning leading Fine Art Photographer

Meet Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne, Dr Zenaidy Castro

For my online guests that come to this page, who want to know more about me, here it goes.

  • The photos above were taken long time ago, as my hair and look have now changed, so do my taste and style in every Artistic endeavour that I do. Varieties in art and photography give me a lot of excitement.
  • I founded Vogue Smiles Melbourne, a leading General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne. It’s the recipient of the Best Dentist Award in Melbourne, by Womo from 2011-2016 and the Best Customer Service Award by Whatclinic Review, 2015-2016.

  • I grew up in the household of an Entrepreneur. Both of my parents have their own business. After school, I used to go to my Mum’s Home Gift Shop to help her. At that early age, I had already learnt how to make customers happy and satisfied.
  • It is often said that, the most difficult part of being a landscape photographer is waking up very early before the sunrise. For me, being a Pet Mum, the most difficult part is leaving and missing terribly my two sphynx babies, while I’m on my long overseas trip.
  • I have a Master Number 11 in my chart. How interesting numerology is in understanding who we are and where our inborn talents lie. As with my charts, my involvement in any form of arts and healing, as a hobby or vocation, provides me with a deep and lasting satisfaction. Yes, besides a healer in the field of Dentistry, I am also a Reiki healer. I also did a study in Pranic and Theta healing.
  • My first DSLR camera is an Olympus camera, which I use for scientific photography. I use it for taking Before and After photos of my Cosmetic Dentistry work. Way back 15 years ago, when 5 megapixel camera was first released into the market, it was a very expensive camera. I bought my Olympus Camera, and that was the best investment I have had in my dentistry career. It captures the photos of my patients, being happy and proudly showing their New Smile and confidence -a job satisfaction way beyond measures.
  • I started to attend proper DSLR Photography about Aug., 2014. My first field photography was during that 1 day course and it’s around the Melbourne CBD. I have read a lot of Photography books since then, but my real field landscape Photography, was when I went to Patagonia in June, 2015. That photography workshop afforded me for the very first time the opportunity to use all my gears, do a real landscape photography and apply all the theories that were in my head. After a month that I came back from that South America tour, I entered my images in Big International Photo contest at a Professional level. I won 2 awards and I am very happy with it, considering the fact that it was my first of everything. And as they say, the rest is history.


After spending over 17 years helping patients have a beautiful smile as a Cosmetic Dentist, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I have a passion for creating  art either in the world of cosmetic Dentistry and in Photography. My work has helped me to meet people from all walks of life, and the more people I meet, the more I realize that we are all uniquely and spectacularly created. The realization that people are unique with their own path and story, heart and soul has fueled my inspiration as an artist and photographer.  I have always been a visually and artistically-oriented person and the Heart & Soul Whisperer online art gallery is my way of finally pursuing my dreams by sharing my work and art with you.

As you visit, it is my hope that Heart & Soul Whisperer will help bring color  and spark creativity in your life. We all have a story to tell and my art is all about finding your place in this sometimes chaotic world. The pieces here just may help you discover yourself as you enter a new world, or perhaps would take a moment to appreciate and get connected with the wonders and harmony of nature and realize that there is something bigger than us.

Discovering “Art that Whispers to your Heart” is all about Listening to your Heart  Whispers and understand that sometimes the best choices always comes from the heart. Listening to your inward whispers, may it be from making a life-changing decision to simply choosing an art or photograph is a reminder that our deepest wisdom lives in us. The answers we seek are inside. It is our deepest hope that as you look at our website, you can search Art that will really matter to you and be treasured as a masterpiece of art. Just SIMPLY LISTEN TO YOUR HEART WHISPERS

Dr Zenaidy Castro, Award winning dentist in Melbourne and Photographer
Meet her as dentist:

  • Having undertaken several photographic sessions with Dr Zenaidy, her new site here shows her great talent as a very passionate photographer. She has always shown total devotion to the craft and is able to capture the moment and feel in all her images, but especially her high quality black and white landscapes…. often drawing one in completely to the beautiful and daunting image. She nails these with her excellent eye for detail.

    She is fun and quirky to work with,has a great sense of colourful dress and always happy to share knowledge and ideas.

    Nice work Zenaidy, and all the best..!!

  • Kaelyn

    Varieties in art and photography are a substantial part of how we think, work, and play. Winning two awards in dentistry and still having this amazing passion for photography highlights how we can be called to follow more than one dream; what a considerable lesson your experiences offer. If I were a landscape photographer one my difficulties would most certainly be having to wake up early, I have never been a morning person! I love how you highlighted that working with your parents at an early age helped you learn the art of the customer’s experience. I believe perhaps we tend to undervalue how our childhood experiences shape our future ventures. What a journey you have been on!

  • I love posts like this because you can really learn about the person behind the keyboard and I think that’s so important. It’s especially important when you create art or things that are meant to be appreciated by the public because I think when they understand you better, they understand your work better as well. I, however, concur that waking up early for landscape photography and VERY difficult! You’ve really excelled in photography if you only seriously started in 2014!

  • Dan

    Thanks for sharing a little background info. When I visit a blog I always check the about me section because I love to hear about that persons background and story. Im surprised to hear that you only started taking landscape photos a couple years ago. I’m feeling inspired to start too and Ill check out the camera you mentioned.

  • Tahia Tahi

    It is really amazing.I’m feeling inspired to start seeing your blog site.You have really surprised me to share a background info.You has
    always proved yourself as a very passionate photographer.You always able to capture your memorable moments and photos which i love
    very much.Everyone will inspire to see your talent.This work is niceful.

  • Hilda Suguitan Castro

    We are so proud of you!

  • Libby Jones

    I went through your website and looked at your portfolio. I did not expect you to be this good, coming from an emerging photographer. Your work is excellent!!! I just wanted to let you know that I was really impressed!!!!”

  • Natasha Mcg

    Stunning photographs Dr Castro. I love your black and white photos

  • Jennifer :P

    Dear Dr Castro,
    Firstly, I love how sincere you are in this blog post and how open you are with your thoughts.

    As an aspiring dentist, I am truly inspired by your life story and achievements. I can also relate to the artistic and creative side of your personality.
    Thus, I fully support your passion in photography and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

    Also, your photos are gorgeous and very moving!

    Kind Regards, Jen

    • Thanks Jennifer. I have no doubt, you too will become a great successful Dentist someday. You are a very smart young girl.

  • Sudhir Lad

    Dear Dr. Castro,
    It’s amazing to see your beautiful photographs, I have known you as a dentist for over a decade now but it was a greatest pleasure to see your other side and talent as a photographer. What i do find in your photographs is that each one of those is different than the other and has a unique characteristic.

    The nostalgic black and white photographs would be my favorite.

    Good luck and all the best, hope to see more and more photos coming in the future.

    Warm regards

    Sudhir Lad

    • Thanks a lot Sudhir. You are always the highlight of my day. I am glad you like my photographs. When could I see your recent travel photos?

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